Discounted at-home and in-clinic health assessments

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Stop gambling with your health

How healthy are you? Certain health conditions may not show symptoms early on, which is why having a health assessment can help to catch risk factors early, meaning you can make lifestyle changes to protect you and your health.

It's time to stop gambling with your health. HealthiFlex offers a range of discounted at-home and in-clinic health assessments to help you understand your current state of health.

From general health MOTs to allergy or food intolerance tests, HealthiFlex has got you covered.

What are you waiting for? Your road to better health starts here.

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Test against 200 food
and drink ingredients

Detect and treat
health issues in their
early stages

Tests for cancer risk, vitamin and mineral levels, diabetes and more

peace of mind

can help you
improve your health

At-Home Health Assessments

Get valuable insights into your health with a range of quick and easy tests that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you want to test for a food intolerance or allergy, manage an existing health condition, or learn how to improve your lifestyle, our home testing kits allow you to find the right test for you, based on your own health goals.

In-Clinic Health Assessments

Take control and understand your health like never before with an annual health check.

Gain insights that empower you to take positive action to prevent illness with a range of health checks from the UK's leading healthcare providers. Our network allows you to choose the right option for you to suit your budget, location and specific health needs.

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