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Health Assessments Via Payroll Deduction.

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  • A Nationwide Network of Health Assessments
  • Delivered by Leading Healthcare Providers
  • Over 2000 Clinics
  • Products and Prices to Suit the Individual

HealthiFlex offers discounted health assessments via salary deductions with the company paying for the annual health assessment and making the relevant salary deductions from employees. HealthiFlex annual health assessments can be selected in your annual, quarterly or monthly selection windows.

Our network offers choice, coverage and great savings on a host of different health assessment packages at over 2000 clinics delivered by the UK's major health assessment providers. Health assessment options are viewed and selected via the HealthiFlex website.

By offering your employees such a comprehensive coverage and choice of health assessments, take-up will increase from your dispersed working population, thereby encouraging and empowering employees to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to their personal health. 

HealthiFlex is a product provided by Incorpore Ltd. Founded in 2001, Incorpore is a leading corporate wellness company providing health and fitness-based products and services to 1,700 corporate clients across the British Isles representing over 6 million employees. Our vision is to create a fitter, happier and more productive workforce, now and for future generations.