Why choose HealthiFlex?

HealthiFlex provides health assessments at over 2,000 locations available to select via your salary deductions scheme.

Please log into HealthiFlex with your company reference. If you haven’t received it, please contact your human resources department and they will issue you with one. Once you have your company code, simply enter this into the company login on the HealthiFlex homepage to proceed. You will then need to enter your postcode and choose a health assessment.

All employees can benefit from HealthiFlex, from new starters to Chief Executive Officers there is a health assessment for everyone to suit their preferential location and cost.

How can a health assessment help?

Health assessments give people a clear picture of their current health, look at the future potential health risks, and how the individual can make lifestyle changes to improve their quality of life.

Take control of your health

Recognise health issues early and prevent them

Improve health and wellbeing

Blood assessments can identify health risks such as liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, chronic disease and poor nutrition

Inspire change

Comprehensive health report